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Tuna sashimi with quail egg

After getting home from work on Tuesday I was browsing a video game messageboard thread about French Laundry, looking at some high res photos of their nine course degustation.  It was around this time that Jen got home, looked over my shoulder and decided she felt like going out to dinner.  I called around and managed to get an impromptu ...

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5 Second Review: The Brothers Bloom

Four years ago, Rian Johnson debuted with the excellent modern day highschool noir film Brick.  Now he returns with The Brothers Bloom, where once again he handles both the writing and directing duties. The Brothers Bloom is about two brothers where, strangely, only one of them is called Bloom.  The other guy is called Stephen.  Unless their names are Bloom ...

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Lucidity is an Xbox Live Arcade title where you play through the imagination of a little girl, Sofi, whose grandmother has just died.  While that may sound wrist-cuttingly depressing, its actually surprisingly well handled. You have no control over Sofi.  She slowly skips her way through dreamy landscapes, filled with objects and creatures that can hurt her.  The player is ...

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5 Second Review: The Taking Of Pelham 123

I have a love/hate relationship with director Tony Scott.  His films are generally fun, action-packed 90 minute thrill rides and yet no one pushes the boundary further on the hyperactive and spasmodic MTV-style editing in their films and it drives me to the point of distraction.  It definitely did with Man On Fire. I guess I must be getting used ...

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We went to Ouzeri, a Mediterranean restaurant in West End for a friend’s birthday last Friday night.  We booked in advance for a table of twelve.  It took twenty minutes for the staff to take our order upon which the waitress informed us that if we ordered ala carte, it would take two hours to get served.  Two hours. So ...

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Halo 3: ODST


Platform:  Xbox 360 Developer:  Bungie Publisher:  Microsoft Game Studios or otherwise known as Halo 3: ODST: Firefly Reunion Show. ODST sees the Bungie team revisit the Halo universe without the ‘constraints’ of having Master Chief as the central character.  Instead, the player starts by controling the mute Rookie, a new ODST trooper who gets seperated from his platoon when they ...

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5 Second Review: Alexisonfire “Old Crows/Young Cardinals”

Let me get this out there: I LOVE Alexisonfire. I have since their first record. I even loved their last, “Crisis.” With that warning take this as you will. The immediate difference noticed is that George Pettit’s new vocals are gruff and rough around the edges, in comparison to the more generic screaming of past records. He seems to announce ...

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Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal


Platform:  iPhone Developer:  Telltale Games Publisher:  Telltale Games There’s a lot to like about developer Telltale Games and their recent episodic franchises Sam & Max, Wallace & Gromit and now Monkey Island.  They are almost single-handedly reviving the Point ‘n’ Click genre and their treatment of old franchises has been respectful of qualities that made them popular but that hasn’t ...

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5 Second Review: Grizzly Bear “Veckatimest”

I’ve honestly been holding off from writing this review simply because I don’t really understand what I am listening to. Grizzly Bear was recommended to me by an elite hipster friend and not wanting to be the only scenester at the party not drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, I promptly ordered it on Amazon. Here’s the thing, its hardly pop music ...

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