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Rhythm Heaven


Platform:  Nintendo Wii Developer:  Nintendo In the context of contemporary Nintendo’s gaming philosophy of bringing gaming to the masses through accessibility, I don’t quite understand how this game came to be. Ostensibly a series of musical mini-games that are based around timing and ‘Simon-says’ repetition challenges, Rhythm Heaven has a charming presentation style and after the first two mini-games ‘Built ...

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Platform:  Xbox 360 Developer:  Popcap Games Publisher:  Microsoft Game Studios I’d like to think that years from now, future game developers will study Peggle as an example of just how much positive re-enforcement can help a game.  Peggle‘s central conceit is very basic: aim and fire a ball at a series of coloured pegs.  As a foundation for a puzzle ...

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Flight Control


5 second review: It takes 5 seconds to learn how to play Flight Control and it also takes this long to describe its awesomeness.

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