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Breaking News: Julia Gillard wears glasses…also calls an election

On Wednesday of this week, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the much anticipated date for this year’s federal election – September 14th.  That’s right!  Australia is going to have a long election cycle, America style. What’s in store for the next eight months? Things started low-key enough at Australia’s monolithic news media company News Ltd.  They broke the news ...

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Julia Gillard’s Misogyny Speech To Tony Abbott

In case you haven’t heard, it’s Opposite Week in Australia.  Adelaide United are sitting on top of the A-League and the New Yorker ran an article about how Julia Gillard could teach Barack Obama a thing or two about public speaking.  ‘What on Earth is going on?’ you might well ask. Well, the past couple of months have not been ...

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The Queensland State Election

Like most secular and modern Western countries, Australia has a healthy distrust of right wing political parties.  In Australia, the major conservative party is the Liberal National Party (LNP).  The party’s members tend to have outdated social views on immigrants, gay people and women that are more aligned with your grandpa or that super Christian kid in your high school.  ...

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Kevenge of the Nerds

Previously…on AusPol: Australia is a democratic country with a two party majority:  the conservative Liberal Party and the slightly less conservative Labor Party. Australia lived and thrived in economic prosperity under Liberal Party legend John Howard in the late Nineties and early Two Thousands.  Howard had endured plenty of peaks and troughs in his tenure as Australian Prime Minister but ...

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Julia Gillard is the worst prime minister

Let’s face it, although there are plenty of perks with being the leader of a nation state, it’s been a rather hellish year for the prime ministers, presidents and dictators of the world.  You might be a world leader who’s dealing with a major natural disaster affecting your country like in Brazil or New Zealand.  Have some sympathy for the ...

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