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Soul crushing mind numbing free time

This weekends lineup: Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll Party Alison and Lisa’s 100 People In Spandex Party Beer and Bandar Thursday. Translation:  This should be a good weekend for parties. So what to do until then?  Free time sucks.  I’m going out of my mind with boredom.  I need to do some work.  Or find a really really cool ...

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International School Disco Rules


There is excitement in the air.  There is an International School disco on Saturday.  There are live bands and little kids who punch Indian kids in the face.  It will reek of awesomeness (and a little vodka). We need a name for the upcoming Porn themed party.  Tentative titles have included: *Palace of Porn *Porn-O-Rama 2:  The Second Coming *Hardcore ...

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King of Hardcore and Pornographic Priestess

The day before Chinese New Year was spent organizing the acquisition of large quantities of alcohol and ****s and pornography and wrestling tapes.  Then I end up spending Chinese New Year with Jess and Tom listening to a dumpy little kid talk about earthworms having sex.  We almost watched Lion King 2 but we took a rain check because we ...

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Special K and the toga party

A shining example of how to have fun in Brunei:  Get 15 guys and girls, stick them in 3 hotel rooms with 9 bottles of liquor and throw a bitchin’ toga/karaoke/dance party. In keeping with the Roman Empire theme there was: * Togas.  Only they were crap and so we took them off. * A sword.  $5 from the Toy ...

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Not 57 reasons for living in Brunei. You know, its funny.


Almost everyone (alright, fine, everyone) I know has the opinion that Brunei is somewhat….boring. Lacking in the social department. Dull. What people don’t realise are the things that make Brunei so unique, and hence…interesting? Heaven forbid. Humorous? Unlikely. Exciting? Yes, that’s definitely pushing it a little, but, hey, it makes for interesting reading. Take this guy for example. Steve. A ...

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