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New girlfriend Cindy has a great body


The last week was pretty average for work and drinking sessions, did end up going to the oldest pub in England for a solid pint of bitter stout beer. I have come to conclusion that England has the best beer in the world. So much choice and soooo good, you know when you just want a pint after work or ...

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Sit down, Harry. I will tell you EVERYTHING

Man oh man!! New Harry Potter!! how cool. I must be brief in this update as i have my last EVER exam tomorrow!! i must study as it is my most crucial! News from my side of the world: I went to the cinema on Friday night specifically to watch ‘Bruce Almighty’, but sadly it didnt open til Saturday.. ass. ...

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…I’d invite you over to look after my small children

well. the harry potter book came out in melbourne today and erin and i happened to go into angus & robertsons in the city. anyways, there were all these people dressed up as wizards and stuff…and they had hired this kid to do magic tricks. he couldn’t have been older than 16. but he was really good. i have never ...

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Come in from bouncy land

Werent Aqua the coolest? Its been a weird week. my last week of school ever. I’m happy cause i’ve finished all but my three french exams, those will conclude on Monday. sexual. However, this does mean that i can proceed to do absolutly nothing until monday when hardcore revision re-commences. Wooo! Only 3 days til the release of ‘Harry Potter ...

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Second Home

I think it clicked that I spend a LOT of time at Mcgee and Denise’s house when I asked Denise last night after watching a movie if she could give me a ride home. She said yes and took me to her house. I spent the morning with Mcgee in town and when I saw her off at the bus ...

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I just broke the chair

One thing Edo about finishing off a project is that the end of it all is a big let down. Its over, and you think to yourself…thats it? I mean all that hassle, and two tutors will sit there and for about a minute at most point out what they thought sucked and move on to the next one. All ...

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I’m getting a tattoo

I have this tooth-ache and it is ruining my holiday. I can’t eat ANYTHING! I would go get it sorted out at a dentist but I haven’t been to a dentist since 1991 so I’m worried that I’ll get in trouble. I spent yesterday at Unique Tattoos as Polly was getting some angel wings on her back which is ironic ...

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We will call this WWE day

Ah, good ol’ Lord of the Rings! i remember counting down the seconds til i saw it with Edo in the legendary Brunei Cinema. Ah the laughter of the anticipation. Speaking of movies, i saw the trailor of ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ … it looks SO much better than the first one… mind you, it was a ...

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Dirty Chinese Man will beat you up!


It’s been a bad day.  I got very average exam results, it rained all day, and apparently I owe Annie six beers! Rod told me to beat up anyone that even ‘looks at Annie sideways’.  So watch out! We’ve got more photos developed from recent parties and all I can say is: Mike is busted! Look at that dirty look ...

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