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Lego Modular Series: Fire Brigade 10197

On the Easter Weekend we built the Lego Fire Brigade for Sarah’s birthday. I’ve had my eye on Lego’s modular series of buildings for some time.  They’ve done a range including a green grocer, a pet store, a cafe, a hotel and a town hall.  The Fire Brigade is about a year old and is 2,231 pieces. Happily, I can ...

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Lego Architecture – Seattle Space Needle

A little prezzie from Jen for Easter.  This was a super quick build.  I think there’s only about 60-70 pieces and it took about ten minutes.  Weirdly enough, there’s a step in the instructions that asks you to cut some pieces with a pair of scissors.  Can’t say I’ve come across that before. It came out looking pretty sweet though.

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Lego Mini-Figs

I am addicted to buying these damned Lego Minifigs! What started as a random impulse purchase one day has turned into a full blown collectathon.  Most of them live on the Imperial Ship that sits on top of the bookshelf.  Just look at these awesome little dudes. I’m particularly excited for the upcoming Series 7 which has a couple of ...

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Lego Architecture – White House

Jen and I picked up some Lego to build for our relaxed Saturday afternoon.  We got the White House from the Lego Architecture range which is a series they’re doing on famous architectural works from past and present.  Other buildings in the series include the Empire State Building, the Burj Khalifa and the Sydney Opera House. I was pretty happy ...

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It was 1986 and I was four years old, living in Brunei, when my mum gave me a Space Lego toy for Christmas. They were a lot plainer in their design back then and had quite a charming minimalist aethestic.  I loved that space Lego toy and can still remember it quite vividly.  It’s one of the only childhood Christmas ...

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The Holiday in Sydney

Over the past 18 months or so, myself and Jenni have come to have quite a soft spot for Sydney.  I’ve travelled there about 10-15 times in the past year and both of us have many fond memories there.  We’ve got our favourite restaurants, favourite shops that sell stuff you can’t find in Brisbane and many old friends from Queensland ...

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