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So I finally made the big move and I’m now living in Melbourne. Time to update the little profile on the right side of this page! The last couple of days were pretty rubbish. I packed a lot of boxes and stuff and met up with a lot of friends for farewell gatherings and stuff which was nice but pretty ...

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You know that feeling when your just minding your own business and then all of a sudden someone comes into your life and you realize that there is no use fighting as you have fallen deeply in love and there will be no turning back EV-ER? well it happened to me the other day… but alas this is not a ...

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The Erin, Angie and Matt Show

So what has happened to the updates from Edo, Sam, Dan and Mike? At least Pat has a decent excuse that he is still just settleing down in a new country. slackness! haha, just playing boys. I cannot understand the weather in Melbourne… over the weekend it was exquistly hot, good weather so we went to the beach and went ...

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