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L.A Noire trailer

[youtube][/youtube] L.A Noire is a video game made by Team Bondi and is being published by Rock Star.  It caught my interest when they showed the first trailer FOUR YEARS AGO.  The game has since all but disappeared off the map and been in development under wraps since.  Well, they finally released the first real trailer with in-game footage today.  ...

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Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake

With all this time spent on holiday in Scotland, catching up with friends back in Brisbane and going back to work where I’ve got to prep for a week of back-to-back conferences, who has time for video games? I finally found myself with a couple of hours spare tonight to sit down and get stuck into some games that I ...

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A Very Inoue Christmas 2009

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas.  We had a pretty sweet day in Brisbane.  It was mostly a family affair and Jen cooked up a storm.  We all ate far too much food and had plenty to drink.  Its been a pretty relaxing way to close out a hectic year where we got married, I got made redundant then ...

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Top Ten Video Games of 2009


I’ve said before that this current generation of gaming has been my favourite for the sheer range of different games that are now on offer across all the different platforms.  2009 didn’t disappoint with its range of quality titles, which if anything, were up in quantity from the year before.  And would you believe 2010 already promises even more amazing ...

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Pre-Christmas Pick Up Post

I’ve been clearing out the backlog of video games from this year’s fourth quarter.  I’ve recently finished New Super Mario Bros Wii, DJ Hero and had a couple of playthroughs of the latest Beatles Rockband DLC (Rubber Soul, baby).  We’ve been spoilt with the number of quality games this year however and there was still another couple of games on ...

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New Call of DJ Duty Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

So the season of awesome video games continues.  Over the past week I’ve come home from work to find that Jen has picked up: Not to be too boring or predictable but all of these games are totally awesome and I would recommend them wholeheartedly.  I’ll do some write-ups on them as I get around to completing them.

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Initial Impressions – Uncharted 2


I’ve started playing through Uncharted 2 and am up to the seventh chapter so far.  A few discussion points came to mind while playing the game that I thought I’d write down in no particular order. Uncharted 2: Among Ladders There sure are a lot of ladders in this game across a range of varying environments.  The same unfolding ladder ...

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Video Game Season

Ah, September.  The time of year when I become a social recluse and soak up all the awesome new shows and games that come out.  Survivor: Samoa and Curb Your Enthusiasm both start new seasons on TV next week and more importantly, all the good video games have started to come out.  Between now and Christmas, there are roughly five ...

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FIFA 2010 – Time to cross the line?

I’ve alluded to it before in the last two years but now I’m seriously considering doing the unthinkable: I think I might buy a FIFA game instead of Pro Evo this year. It’s not a decision to be made lightly. But first, a history lesson:  Football is an important part of the fabric that makes up some of the friendships ...

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