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Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009

When I was six years old, my brother Stu got a Commodore 64 for his birthday.  We used to load games on a cassette tape that could take up to 999 seconds to load. Then, when it finished loading (if it didn’t crash) we were treated to this: I was enthralled and it started a life long love of video ...

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The Cost of Living

It occured to be last night that if I want to buy a videogame now, it will cost ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Why the hell do videogames cost so much? You only ever finish 20% of games you own (source: Edge #132), most of them have horrible dialogue (source: any of the cut scenes in Max Payne), 99% of them are ...

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Holiday goodness

Man, it’s great to be on holiday. It’s been a hectic first half of year and I’m on top of the world right now. Kicking back my feet and relaaaaxing. Let me tell you how I did nothing for six days. I’m sure this isn’t very interesting to read but I don’t really care. On Wednesday I met up with ...

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Moral of the story

I’m about to write one of the closing chapters of something I’ve been talking about in this blog for a few months now and I’m still scratching my head as to what I’ve got out of it. Last night, as I writing yesterday’s blog post, I was watching the Simpsons on tv. It was a really old episode. It’s the ...

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