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VHA Sales Conference 2012

It’s Sales Conference time! We had our annual sales conference at the Darling Harbour convention centre in Sydney, as has become the tradition.  It comes off the back of a rather brutal year for the company – we’re very happy to see the back of 2011!  It was a slightly scaled back event this year.  It wasn’t quite the celebrity-stacked ...

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Youtube Friday: Growing Up In Brunei

I haven’t really done much by the way of producing any new video content for The FAT Website this year.  No real reason.  Just haven’t had the time or the energy to do it.  Having said that, my brother-in-law recently brought it to my attention that a group of his friends on Facebook were reposting and discussing the ol’ Growing ...

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Lead Gen United

A couple of weekends ago, we had a friendly game of football between my department at work (Lead Gen) and our rival sales team. I nominated myself to play in the centre of defence, as the all-important central pillar that the team could build their strategy around.  I explained to everyone that in Brunei people would call me The Rock ...

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The Mexican Christmas Party

I don’t mind telling you that last year we had an awful Christmas party.  For a company that has a reputation for throwing some solid parties (Formula One Night in Melbourne, Cloudland Farewell Party), the 2010 Christmas party was inexplicably bad.  It was at a venue for hire which they decked out in a jungle theme to which no one ...

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The Adventure Park

On Friday I took my team out for an offsite to a high-ropes obstacle course at Mount Tamborine, followed by a BBQ and some beers at a friends place.  It was nice to get out of the office on a Friday and enjoy the sunny weather and good company.  The day reminded me of how lucky I am to work ...

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A Day At the Holden Raceway

I’ve worked at the same company for seven years now and one of the things that never gets old is the occasional opportunity that pops up to do something out of the ordinary.  I’ve been set on fire at a stunt school, had a chance to mingle with Formula One drivers, worked out with a trainer from The Biggest Loser ...

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Gordon Ramsay’s Maze

Marinated beetroot with goats curd, Cabernet Sauvignon vinaigrette, toasted pine nuts

One of my favourite aspects of trying out a restaurant’s degustation is the social experience that comes with the evening.  By my reckoning, if you’re trying out a multi-course tasting menu, you’re usually eating and drinking with your friends for about four or five hours.  Over the course of that time, everyone is going through a world class culinary journey ...

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The Melbourne F1 Weekend

I just came back from a ridiculously great weekend trip down in Melbourne.  It was arranged through a sales competition at work which my brother-in-law Dom won by a handy margin.  The prize was an all expenses paid trip to Melbourne which included an invite to the McLaren F1 VIP party.  Dom very kindly agreed to take me along. I ...

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