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St Paddys Day 2011

We clocked off work a little early after putting in some hard work for the first half of the day (no, really). Then we spent the rest of the time at Gilhooleys and Fat Louie’s in town.    

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The 83rd Academy Awards

The 83rd Academy Awards took place on Sunday 27th February, eminating from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles! This year, I was pretty happy with the ten nominations for the Best Picture award.  I felt there was a decent range of films that were up for recognition with no glaring omissions.  I would have liked to have seen Blue Valentine ...

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VHA Sales Conference 2011

This might be a good time to talk about my new job. I alluded to having a new job earlier in the year but haven’t really had a chance to write about it.  Partly because on my second day in the new role, the Queensland Floods happened and I didn’t go to work for nearly two weeks, so there wasn’t ...

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Work parties, relatives & cricket

I’ve been flat out in the past couple of weeks.  There have been a ton of rellies passing through Brisbane which is awesome.  Also, we had our office Christmas party.  Here are a buncha photos from the past fortnight.

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FATweb flashback


Good news finally decided to get in touch with me… So I invited him in and made him tea. Along with several birthdays (including Edo’s and mine), July brought with it a month of interning at a publishing company here in London, who specialise in in-flight publications. The work was good, and after my month long stint I was offered to ...

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World Cup 2010: Week of World Cup, Poker & Little Sleep

I got back from the work conference in Melbourne last night.  It was a great couple of days.  We managed to get a lot done during the day and we had an interesting poker night arranged by my boss at the British Crown Hotel in Collingwood.  We had booked for a night of Texas Hold ‘Em which was held in ...

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A Tale of Two Work Trips

Not unlike what Mike would’ve done this weekend, I’ll also be packing my bags tonight as I’m travelling out of town for a few days for work. Mike is currently kicking it in L.A, watching Cirque De Soleil for free, eating at the In & Out Burger and hanging out with underage chicks at Hot Topic. I, however, am not ...

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VHA Sales Conference 2010

Ah, conferences. Work conferences are a strange beast.  Its a great time to catch up with lots of work colleagues, particularly those interstate and out of town who you don’t get to see that often.  There’s 2 nights put up in a nice hotel and plenty of drinking.  You usually get some nifty swag from the vendors peddling their wares ...

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