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After a week of full time work at the credit union, i can look forward to a long weekend due to BC day. Which i swear is just some day the province made up to have another long weekend in the summer. Its like 40 degrees everyday right now, in Canada. What the fuck is with that, its hotter than ...

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Catching up

Hey Everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper post. I’ve been busy soaking up the last of my holiday. And as my flatmate Kolitha pointed out, its actually my *last* holiday. After this I gotta get a full time job and stuff. Yikes~! So I came back from Brunei and the house was a total mess. This ...

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I want to be a spy

H E L P I want a break. I need a break. I hate work. Give me a holiday any day. I cant think of anything to say. Did i tell anyone about the time the police stopped me and my housemate one night? i think i did. Hmmm…i saw Woody Harelson the other day. And that girl from Model ...

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