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Jack Swagger And The Weird World of Professional Wrestling

Imagine a billion dollar multinational company.  They have an unremarkable middle-management employee named Jack.  Jack was well liked by his colleagues and a steady hand at his job.  He showed some promise when he first came into the company and was quickly promoted but now he’s been stuck in a rut and has been in the same role for a ...

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Youtube Friday: Royal Rumble Edition: Royal Rumble 2008

Its 2008 and the Royal Rumble is at Madison Square Garden.  Superfly Jimmy Snuka is already in the ring as a surprise entrant.  The countdown hits zero.  Bagpipes start to play.  New Yorkers lose their minds.  And a feud that started with a Scotsman hitting a Fijian on the head with a coconut 30 years ago is re-ignited. So awesome.

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TV Show Round Up: Royal Rumble 2013 Preview

“Ladies and Gentleman, it is now time for the Royal Rumble! Earlier today the 30 participants who entered, drew numbers at random. In just a few moments the individuals who drew number one and number two will be in the Royal Rumble and every two minutes thereafter another individual will enter the ring according to the number he drew. Remember, ...

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TV Show Round Up: Survivor: One World, Veep, WWE Xtreme Rules

Survivor: One World – Episode 11 – “Never Say Die” Okay I give up.  Survivor: One World was a season with an interesting premise and a fresh cast but this episode was just too much stupidity for me to handle. It’s been a somewhat entertaining season in its early stages, particularly because of the stupidity of some of the contestants ...

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Wrestlemania XXVIII Predictions Thread

It’s Wrestlemania time! Wrestlemania, the WWE’s flagship show, is airing this Monday morning in Australia.  The show is eminating from Miami, Florida (The Rock’s hometown) at a sold out open air show at Sunlight Stadium.  It is headlined by the marquee match John Cena vs The Rock, which has been over a year in the making. Why Will Wrestlemania XXVIII ...

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TV Show Round Up: WWE RAW, Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8

WWE RAW It’s been said that the wrestling business is ‘cyclical’ meaning that it undergoes peaks and troughs in popularity and relevance to popular culture.  When I was a kid, Hulk Hogan and Rock N’ Roll wrestling was a staple of Eighties pop culture.  It then underwent ten years in the wilderness before being revitalised again by Steve Austin and ...

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WWE House Show Report – Perth


WWE Passport To Smackdown Show General Manager is Ric Flair.  He comes out to warm up the crowd.  Heyman interupts to hype the main event.  Flair leads a chant calling Heyman a ‘wanker’. Tajiri (c) vs Rey Mysterio vs Jamie Noble – Cruiserweight Title. A fun opening match.  Rey was super and everyone got to hit their spots.  Tajiri wins ...

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