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The Weekend Pickup Blog

It’s been a rather hectic couple of weeks in Brisbane.  I’d like to say its due to some sort of active social life but mostly, I think me and Jen have been eating out at restaurants a lot.  We’ve become so involved with wining and dining around Brisbane that we’re thinking of making a hobby out of it and keeping ...

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Halo 3


Platform:  Xbox 360 Developer:  Bungie Publisher:  Microsoft Game Studios It’s all about value and community. Halo 3, the final chapter in the flagship trilogy on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, is marketed under the tagline of ‘Finish the Fight’.  If its referring to the actual story in the Campaign mode, that fight will take you roughly 10 hours to complete.  As a ...

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Platform:  Xbox 360 Developer:  2K Boston Publisher:  2K Games The video game industry needs more games like Bioshock.  It is only one game and yet it accomplishes so much.  2K Boston have created a game so full of atmosphere, that has also defied industry expectations of how well a title targeted at adults can perform in terms of sales and ...

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