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Youtube Friday: Robot

Robot is a Tamil sci-fi film starring the smoking hot Indian actress Aishwariya Rai and some guy I’ve never heard of.  Released in cinemas in October 2010, it is apparently Bollywood’s most expensive film ever made.  From what I can tell, it is also probably the best action film made in Bollywood too. Just look at this clip (which is ...

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Youtube Friday: Floating in the Flood

Thankfully, the flood is finally starting to recede in Brisbane and life is slowing going back to normal.  Happily, our apartment wasn’t affected by the flood and neither were the homes of our closest friends and family.  That said there were tens of thousands of homes that have been devastated by the floods and the recovery effort will take a ...

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Let It Be

This video has lots of awesome people in it.  Enjoy and have a good weekend! [youtube][/youtube]

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Hollywood and computers

Its been a long-standing tradition that Hollywood’s screen writers are complete luddites who can never portray even the most basic use of computing in a fashion that isn’t completely overblown or remotely accurate.  I’m sure you all remember the girl in Jurassic Park ‘hacking’ a computer by clicking and dragging a mouse cursor, Hugh Jackman in Swordfish protecting a computer ...

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The FAT Website YouTube Channel

Hey Everyone, Just a quick update to introduce you all to The FAT Website Youtube Channel.  Previously, I had uploaded all the videos for the site under my personal account but since Youtube went widescreen and started taking down videos that had any music owned by Warner, most of the old content has been lost or has a weird screen ...

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