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Youtube Friday: A Typical Day

I’m coming up to the end of my probation in my job and its going really well (I think).  I’ve just finished a big recruiting drive and I’ve now got a gun sales team together that can crush our targets for the second half of the year.  It’s an eclectic bunch including a fork lift operator, a Lithuanian business woman ...

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Youtube Friday: The Greatest E3 Presentation of All Time

Next week is E3, the video gaming equivalent of Christmas!  This year is shaping up to be one of the most exciting E3s in recent memory with both the Xbox One and Playstation4 expected to have a big showing.  What does the PS4 look like?  What will Microsoft’s DRM policy be?  What are the actual games like on these consoles?  ...

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Youtube Friday: The Next Xbox Is Unveiled

The successor to the Xbox 360 was unveiled this week from Microsoft.  Microsoft’s Dom Mattrick announced the Xbox One, which is expected to be released later this year.  In a slightly unexpected move, the conference focused less on games and more on the system’s ability to multitask and switch from gaming to tv without changing the channel.  This tv-watching capability ...

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Youtube Friday: Eurovision 2013 – Euphoria – Loreen

It’s Eurovision this weekend!  I’ve stayed spoiler-free on the semis so that I can watch the delayed Australian coverage tonight.  But seeing the occasional excitable comment from Angela on Facebook has got me pumped for this year’s installment.  Let’s see if anything can top the singing, baking grannies or the Turkish manboat from last year. Have a good weekend everyone!

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Youtube Friday: A Big Gay Rainbow

As many of you will know, New Zealand legalized gay marriage last week.  One of the most memorable moments during the discussion of the bill was Maurice Williamson’s ‘Big Gay Rainbow’ speech which I’ve posted in it’s entirety. What’s surprising is that Williamson represents a conversative party in New Zealand.  Watching this video, I’m pretty sure he’s more left-leaning and ...

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