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Youtube Friday: Remembering Paul Bearer

William Moody, best known for his role as Paul Bearer, passed away this week at the age of 58. Paul Bearer was one of the most widely recognizable, larger than life characters in the world of professional wrestling.  You only needed to have a passing interest in wrestling to remember his distinctive pale face and high pitched voice, with his ...

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Youtube Friday: Google Glass technology

We’re big fans of gadgets and technology on The FAT Website and so its pretty cool to see what we are apparently on the cusp of wearable technology becoming the next big thing with Apple reportedly balls deep in R&D on an iWatch and Google rolling out this video of Glass, their hi-tech spectacles that record and access the internet. ...

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Youtube Friday: Air – La Femme D’Argent

The song is La Femme D’Argent by Air.  But whats most striking is the footage in the video which shows Market Street in San Francisco in 1905.  It’s rare to see footage from so long ago, let alone video that runs for so long and is a tracking shot where you see so many people, vehicles and buildings.  It’s a ...

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