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Youtube Friday: Wreck-It-Ralph

It’s not out till Boxing Day in Australia but I’m quite looking forward to Wreck-It-Ralph.  Sentient video game characters trapped in an arcade cabinet is such a great idea for a movie.  Plus they seem to have gone all out with the licenses and got Nintendo, Sega, Capcom and Atari characters to make cameos.

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Youtube Friday: Muslim Riots

Like many parts of the world, Australia had their own protests staged by Muslims in reaction to the online film “The Innocence of Muslims” that turned violent.  And just like a lot of other countries, we’re prone to having some pretty lazy, hyperbolic media coverage towards Muslims as a result. Therefore it was good timing to have the comedy group ...

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Youtube Friday: PSY – Gangnam Style

My wife cannot stop watching this video.  PSY’s Gangnam Style video has become an overnight sensation and the dude seems to be all over tv and the talkshow circuit at the moment.  Yesterday I saw him on Ellen teaching Britney Spears how to do the dance.  When I first saw this video on Tuesday, it had 150 million views.  It’s ...

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Youtube Friday: Uncle Drew

One of my favourite parts of the Jackass movies involved Johnny Knoxville when he dresses up as an old man in disguise.  This Pepsi ad takes a similar concept by dressing NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving as an older guy and has him sharking some local basketball players. Have a good weekend everyone!

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