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Restaurant Two



Fine dining restaurants tend to have a pretty short lifespan in Brisbane.  It’s a tough market, there are always new competitors on the scene and the demand for this style of dining has softened in recent years with casual dining seeing a resurgence in popularity.

With all that considered, its a remarkable accomplishment that David Pugh’s Restaurant Two has celebrated its 17th year in business and they are still going strong.  Pugh made his name in Brisbane handling the pans at Baguette and Two Small Rooms before opening Two in 1999.  It recently won a chef’s hat at the 2017 Good Food Awards.

I was fortunate enough to revisit Restaurant Two this month for a wine dinner hosted by David.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what we had.


Tempura soft shell crab, chevre, apple, cucumber, orange and smoked avocado


Pan-fried duck breast, kim chi, kohlrabi, shitake and duck jus


Daintree vanilla bean brulee, fresh seasonal berries

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