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Sullivans Cove Double Cask



sullivanscoveDISTILLERY Tasmania Distillery


REGION Tasmania, Australia

COLOR Light, golden

NOSE Treacle, butterscotch

PALATE Rich, creamy flavour, notes of cinnamon and red apple

FINISH Warm, lingering fruity aftertaste


  82 out of 100

NOTES Sullivans Cove came into international renown this year when their French Oak Cask was recognized by Whisky Magazine as being the Best In The World.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try that particular drop but I have been nursing a Double Cask in my collection.  It’s not the best whisky in the world.  It’s not even the best whisky in my cabinet.  But it is still a lovely dram and its great to see Australian whisky coming along in leaps and bounds in only a few decades on the market.  As the manager at Sullivans Cove is quoted as saying:  ““We think it’s hilarious that we used to make the worst whisky in the world and now it’s the best!”


Best In The World?

Review Overview

RATING - 8.2



Summary : Easily Australia's finest whisky distillery. The Double Cask isn't the world beater that its French Oak cousin reputedly is but it still makes a fine, affordable option for those looking to explore Australian whisky.

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