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Excuse the rustiness

Havent updated for a while so please excuse the rustiness.

As Angela was saying, we met up and had a beer or three and ended up calling random people that i havent talked to in years. The hitlist included Pete Marchant, Tom McNeil, Caroline Crocker, and we couldnt find Zoheb’s number. Pete must have thought i was a maniac as we left like three messages on his phone.

Started and settled in the new job now. Its kinda weird as i am pretty much working for the educational system here by working with a company that places students in work experience placements. People make appointments for me and then i have to visit the companies to see if its safe and get some code number off them or something. Being in London, theres some pretty cool businesses to visit. Skyscrapers are cool.

New house is pretty nice, lot bigger than the dump in Holland. Got me own room, a tv, dishwasher, and best of all a back garden with BARBECUES BABY!!. Ok so it rains every other day in this country but still, BARBECUES BABY!!.

I live with four girls…and the only one with a boyfriend just moved out with another single one moving in. Hey, cant complain really, the house is clean and its full of girls. WooHoo!

Havent seen a flick for a while. Thinking about watching Samurai, i have heard good things.

Blink 182 play at Wembley tomorrow, didnt find out about til today. Balls.

I work in London, England, where there is supposed to be lots of English people here. I think white England born people are the minority really. Everyone else is a different colour or not English. Ok, i dont mind this, but last time i lived here ten years ago, it was nothing like this. Times are changing fast…whoa! Its still pretty cool to see a chinese guy with a London accent though.

I am officially 21 next Wednesday. Thats old, isnt that adulthood now, do i have to act responsible. I guess still being a student gives me the excuse to party still.

Wanted to watch a Chelsea game, even if you can buy a ticket, you still have to pay nearly £50 for the ticket. The club have billions of pounds but still charge out of their ass for the tickets. Russian capilists suck, Edo will probably like them though.

I am not seeing any Canadians right now, only English people. Its a bit of a change, i find myself drinking more and chilling out more…i love the English.

I really should get back to work


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Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.

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