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Glenfiddich Age of Discovery

DISTILLERY Glenfiddich

TYPE Single Malt


REGION Speyside

COLOR Dark amber

NOSE Fruity aroma, hint of grapes and pears

PALATE Buttery smooth flavour with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and toffee.

FINISH A lingering, pleasantly mild after taste with the notes of vanilla that stays the longest.


85 out of 100

NOTES I remember when I showed my brother my whisky cabinet a few years ago, he made an observation that it was a shame that I didn’t keep the boxes that the bottles came in.  He’s right.  There are some really classy whisky boxes that I’ve come across over the years.  I love boxes that have a wooden finish and there are also others that have great artwork and information about the distillery they originated from.  That said, my whisky cabinet is absolutely chock full with 38 bottles and as long as I live in an apartment, I think convincing my wife to get a second cabinet solely for the purpose of displaying whisky is not likely to happen.

Which is a shame because I was an absolute sucker for this sexy looking Age of Discovery Edition of Glenfiddich which I picked up at the Duty Free in LAX.  I’m pretty much the ideal mark for people that peddle this stuff.  Just look at that sweet, sweet box design.  The elegant colours.  The nautical map.  The foldout display.  So glorious!

Of course, inside, there’s a pretty excellent and tasty whisky too.  Being a Glenfiddich means that you can rightfully expect a tasty whisky but also one that has an accessible taste for a broad range of people.  Being a sweeter and milder whisky I think this is something that I could share with casual, non-whisky drinkers.  This Age of Discovery Edition was stored in Madeira casks which are typically used for sweet fortified wine so you get a nice, fruity, flavoursome taste.

The elegant colours. The nautical map. The foldout display. So glorious! (it tastes pretty great too)

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RATING - 8.5



Summary : The elegant colours. The nautical map. The foldout display. So glorious! (it tastes pretty great too)

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