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Lego Modular Series

This is a subcategory dedicated to the Lego Modular building range.

Lego Palace Cinema 10232

Over the long weekend Jen and I built the Palace Cinema, Lego’s modular building for 2013 in its Creator series.  Clocking in at 2196 pieces, its actually a tad smaller than some of its counterparts like the Grand Emporium.  Clearly influenced in design by Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, I thought the set was aesthetically quite pleasing and a lot ...

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Lego Town Hall 10220

Aaaand…done. The Lego Town Hall is the final building (thats still in production) missing from our Modular Series range.  Released in March 2012, it is the newest and biggest in the series, designed by an architect named Estrid. The Town Hall is a worthy culmination of the design elements that have appeared in the previous modular range.  It has a ...

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Lego Modular Series: Pet Shop 10218

The Pet Shop is the third building in the modular series that I’ve built, following the Fire Station and the Grand Emporium.  We put off getting this particular set until later on as it was released only last year.  By comparison, the Fire Station and Grand Emporium are more likely to go out of print. As you can probably tell ...

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Lego Modular Series: Grand Emporium 10211

Released two years ago and clocking in at 2,182 pieces, the Grand Emporium is my first pick up in their modular building line. It’s an excellent build that took 3 of us about two hours to complete, doing a floor each.  It comes with a detailed interior, a revolving door, interconnected floors with escalators and seven minifigs (five people, two ...

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Lego Modular Series: Fire Brigade 10197

On the Easter Weekend we built the Lego Fire Brigade for Sarah’s birthday. I’ve had my eye on Lego’s modular series of buildings for some time.  They’ve done a range including a green grocer, a pet store, a cafe, a hotel and a town hall.  The Fire Brigade is about a year old and is 2,231 pieces. Happily, I can ...

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