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Best of the Year

Every year The FAT Website deliberates and decides on the top ten best films of the year (released in Australia cinemas). The list is not set out in any particular order but it does highlight a single Best Picture for the year.

Top Ten Films of 2013


I didn’t think I had been this behind on my movie-watching or my blogging.  I sat down this evening to write a list of my ten favourite films of the year.  You’d think it would seem like light work after recently compiling a list of one hundred games!  Yet I came up with about four films.  Then I sat there ...

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Top Ten Films of 2012


Top Ten Films of 2012 2012 has been a pretty good year for film lovers with a great mix of quality blockbuster films (Bond, Batman etc) and decent festival films (most of this list).  2012 also saw the return to form for action films (The Raid, Haywire, The Avengers) and a welcome return to prominence for science fiction films (Looper, ...

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