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Lego Minifigs

This is a subcategory dedicated to the Lego Mini Figures range.

Lego Minifigs: Series 12

The Lego Minifig Series 12 arrived in Australia recently.  You might recall that I mentioned in my blog that after Series 11, I was feeling a bit of burn out with the Lego Mini-fig range.  They pump them out at a rate of one every four Although Series 12 has a number of repeated characters (robots and construction workers), I ...

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Lego Minifigs: Series 11

The Lego Minifigs Series 11 came out about a month ago.  Using the time honoured ‘bag-feeling’ method, Jen and I have picked up 14 out of 16 characters so far.  We’re still missing Grandma and Blues Brother.  We’ve been pretty successful with our blind buys so far – we haven’t bought a single duplicate in the entire series. I have ...

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Lego Minifigs: Series 10

Series 10 of the Lego Minifigs have finally begun to arrive on our shores!  This weekend, Jen and I picked up a handful of packs.  As usual, I sat unhelpfully on the sidelines whilst Jen felt the bags and identified the minifig inside.  She hit a 100% accuracy rate on 14 bags.  That’s right.  We didn’t get a single duplicate. ...

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Lego Mini-figures Series 9 Complete!

I finally finished collecting Series 9 of the Lego Mini-figs.  This has been a much harder set to complete compared to past releases from Lego, as they have decided to make some individual Mini-figs rarer than others.  You used to get 3 or 4 complete sets of characters in every box but in this season you get a crapload of ...

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Lego Minifigs: Series 9

Series 9 has finally arrived in Australia!  I had a chance to pick up some mini-figs from Myer last weekend.  Series 9 has got some pretty sweet looking characters.  I’m particularly looking forward to picking up The Judge, Chicken Suit Man and Cyclops. But I have had some absolutely terrible luck with my first haul.  Whilst I was happy to ...

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Lego Minifigs Series 8

Lego Minifigures Series 8 have arrived in Australia!  Too be honest, it doesn’t seem that long ago that Series 7 arrived on our shores.  Having said that, there are some pretty sweet minifigs in this set and its a lot cheaper and friendlier for shelf space in my apartment than getting another modular building. My first haul yielded the deejay, ...

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