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Glenlivet 15 Year Old


TYPE Single Malt


REGION Speyside

COLOR Dark Bronze

NOSE Fresh baked bread loaf

PALATE Very mild buttery, caramel flavour.

FINISH Smooth and silky.


81 out of 100

NOTES An interesting note about Glenlivet: although Glenfiddich is by far the world’s most popular single malt, in the American market, Glenlivet is the scotch of choice.  Having read some whisky message boards on the Internet predominantly populated by Americans, this doesn’t come entirely as a surprise to me as a lot of them tend to favour smoother drams.

I normally like to drink my whisky neat but in the case of something as mild as Glenlivet, it’s probably not a bad option to add a bit of water to ‘unlock’ the flavour.  Everything about this 15 year old is subtle and mild from its nose to its body.  It’s very easy to knock back.  Smooth, delicious and tasty.

Easy to knock back. Smooth, delicious and tasty.

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RATING - 8.1



Summary : Easy to knock back. Smooth, delicious and tasty.

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