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Best of the Year

Every year The FAT Website deliberates and decides on the top ten best video games of the year (released in Australia cinemas). The list is not set out in any particular order but it does highlight a single Best Game for the year.

Top Ten Games of 2014


2014 was a pretty wretched year for the video game community that saw some incredible unsavoury behavior directed towards people in the industry from a vocal but niche group of gamers who were feeling increasingly threatened by challenges to the status quo over the representation of women in gaming.  Although their profile has diminished somewhat in recent months, they still ...

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Top Ten Video Games of 2013


2013 was a pretty great year for games.  There was a number of positive trends throughout these past twelve months that I hope continue well into 2014 and onwards.  Firstly, we seem to have well and truly gotten past the days of having the best games crammed into a three month window between September and November.  2013 saw both big ...

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Top Ten Video Games of 2012


By no means will 2012 go down as a classic year for gaming.  This current generation of home consoles is now in its seventh year and looking very long in the tooth.  The Wii, DS and PSP are finished and meanwhile the 360 and PS3 has spluttered out an unremarkable Holiday season of games that are a plethora of sequels, ...

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