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Year In Review


The year we visited America and Malaysia, watched lots of football and entered virtual reality.

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The Year I Changed Careers, Did The Ice Bucket Challenge, Celebrated a 5th Anniversary, Relaxed On A Hammock, Saw Music At The Opera House, Built Lots of Lego, Caught Up With Family in New Zealand, Performed In Drag and Went To Work Dressed As Batman

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The Year I Learned To Golf, Went Camping, Learned To Drive, Experienced Virtual Reality, Watched The Ashes and Appeared In A Commercial

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The Year I Ate A Snow Egg, Learned Archery, Went To The Opera, Came To Work Dressed As Batman, Turned Thirty, Met A Prime Minister, Visited Disneyland and Universal Studios, Cycled Over The Golden Gate Bridge, Saw An NBA Game, Caught Al Pacino On Broadway and Fired A Semi Automatic

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