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It’s good to be happy

Don’t you think?

As I have mentioned about 15 times already Sophy is coming back today! I love it how one person can make you so damn happy! Call me a fudge packer or what ever you please, but I was so excited I skipped all the way home last night. :o)

Last night we painted her a HUGE welcome home sign. It really does look cool! Painting is SO much fun, I think I am gonna take it up. I need more things to do in my spare time. I’m defiantly an abstract painter.

GOMEZ tonight! Will be good fun!

FUCKING AWESOME I get to wake up with miss sophy in my arms tomorrow morning! YAY 🙂 God I have missed her to bits!

Hello Angela 🙂 How be you?

Sam have I met you? I don’t think so, right?

Hi Mike, long time no speak!

Note:  This blog was written by Tim Boyd

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