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Remixed, re-recorded and re-sold out

Well its good to see that spy-mag survived a rather cruel bout of illness and is back running for the pleasure of the viewing public.

Work has begun on the new salt monkeys album… old songs reworked almost to a state of being unrecognised. Newer, clearer sound and this time we’re intune and intime! a feat not often performed before. it is official… Salt Monkeys have SOLDOUT. Woo!

Plans are molding together for my further travels… it looks as though adelaide is confirmed and things are shaping up to be a memorable week over in sunny South Australia. First big reunion party held outside of brunei, people flying in from overseas simply to be there… it will be much rock! Cant wait to see everyone!

Job front, things are pretty slack here… stupid australians, all they do is put you on hold and the person you want to talk to NEVER seems to be there… they are always “out” or “in Sydney”… bah!

Last night for some reason i decided i would entrust Edo cutting my hair… mind you i’m not too fussed about my hair so no harm done. Despite Erin having to clean it up in the end he didnt do as bad a job as we both thought he’d do… so we’ll just chalk it down to a learning experiance.

Well thats enough random shite for me… good ol’ blog rustiness.


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