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If you’re looking for a nice spot to have breakfast in Sydney, you could do much worse than Bills, a discreet and innocuous looking joint owned by celebrated Australian chef Bill Granger.  At Bills you can get a pretty straight forward classic Aussie breakfast with eggs, sangers, tomato and bread.  It wasn’t anything especially creative but everything was fresh and cooked perfect and that is sadly an all too rare thing for someone coming from Queensland.  I particularly appreciated the silky impeccably prepared scrambled eggs.

Jen had the banana pancake fritters which she enjoyed immensely.  They were fluffy, flavoursome and not too sweet.

As it turns out, Darlinghurst is quite a picturesque little area to start your day.  The autumn air was brisk and there were plenty of folks out walking their dogs.  It was a lovely morning to have a coffee, slow down for a minute and watch the world go by.

Breakfast in Sydney?  Go to Bills with my full unreserved recommendation.



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