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I haven’t blogged in a while


Catching up with friends after the Japandroids show


Saying goodbye at the airport to our niece Abby


The amouse bouche at Urbane where we ate for Jen’s birthday

Tired Selfie

Tired Selfie

The FAT Website.  Poor old thing has been neglected badly for the past three months.  Apologies to our readership for the infrequent updates and distinct lack of new content since July.  I’ve been kept super busy in July and August, hanging out with visiting friends and family.  I thought I’d get back into the swing of things in September but it’s only really taken me until now to properly catch up on some much needed down time where I could lose myself in sleeping, reading, vidya games and time with Jen.

I’ve got plenty of stuff I want to write about.  The election.  Movies I saw in May.  The Xbox One and Playstation4.  What I ate last weekend.

It’s good to feel like the batteries are re-charged.  It’s good to write again.  I’ve missed you TFW.  Let’s get reacquainted!

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