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Easter Holiday

So let me fill you in on what you’ve been missing (not much).

This semester at school, I’m doing Internet Design, Corporate Documentary making, Broadcast workshop and script writing. It’s been a pretty tough year so far. The classes aren’t much fun and they require a lot of work. Corporate doco class has its moments I guess. I’m in a group with two Malaysians who don’t seem to have much idea of whats going on and a girl who quit uni for a year because she was addicted to pot (!) and took a year off in London to party and get it out of her system. Hands up if you can imagine this conversation happening with your parents:

You: I’m failing my classes and my attendance is poor. This is because I am stoned all the time. I suggest you send me to London so I can move on to some harder drugs and party hard for a year.

Your Parents: Okay.

Our assignment in Corporate Doco is to make a Level Crossing Safety video for the Westrail and WA State Police. This is in itself is pretty dull only we were told we’re being given a budget of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS by the police. The money has to be put towards getting a professional presenter and for graphics. We spent some of it on getting Carolyn Bertram from Channel 9. I got to thinking about the rest of the money. What if we paid the graphics guy like 3,000 dollars but actually list it on the budget as 8,000 (the money left over after paying Carolyn Bertram). We would be scamming our way to five thousand dollars. From the police! If anything, I’d only have to split the money with my director (the pot smoking party girl) since the Malaysians don’t ever know whats going on. Whatta scam!

My script writing tutor is an alcoholic.

So univeristy is a mostly thankless and tiresome ordeal.

Socially, I’ve become paranoid, bitter and distrusting of my friends.  It all started one weekend when not one, but FOUR of my friends called my phone and asked to speak to Polly. Three of them invited her to something. One of them added ‘Edo can come too if he wants’. One made it clear he didn’t want me there at all (!)

Now, if these had happened as individual circumstances, I probably wouldn’t have cared. But four in one weekend had me worried. Why? Because in Perth, for better or worse, I’ve put all my eggs in one basket. Polly is my best friend. And in a lot of ways, she’s my only REALLY close friend. Of course, I have lots of other friends but nothing near the level of Polly. Polly in Perth is what Matt is to me in Brunei. And by her own admission, Polly is a very one-to-one sort of person and if she found a new best friend, I’d be left holding my nuts with nothing and no one. I dealt with the whole ordeal really badly getting pissed off at Polly who obviously did absolutely nothing wrong. I’m dealing with it.

Thinking on university and my friends made me realise in 8 months I’m hitting another crossroads in my life when I finish my education and I have to get a full-time job. Likely, if I get a job related to what I’m studying then I will be moving out of Perth. If this is the case, then I’ve got 8 months left with my friends and then its all uncertain. I HATE this. For the past six years I’ve been moving from country to country, living in each place just long enough to make friends and care for them so that it hurts when I have to move again. It never gets any easier and I’m not getting any better at dealing with it.

A couple of weeks ago, my sister got married. It was my first wedding and it was really sweet. Someone (my parents prolly) went ALL OUT with the budget. There were feasts every day for a week, helicopters to fly away Fiona and Blair when they married and all manner of flashy gimmickry in the middle. My sister came out to Dido’s ‘Thank You’ which got me thinking if there was a theme song I’d want to come out to when I get married. Right now it’d have to be The Macho Man/Miss Elizabeth wedding theme from Summerslam 1991 where Undertaker and Jake the Snake ambushed them. Let it not be said that I am a hopeless romantic.

What else? The state of the site, as you’ve seen has been up and down. Recently, the updating has been infrequent but thats more because of my workload rather than lack of any passion for the site. Angela, who updates a lot on the blog pages is now writing columns which is great. Plus we have Der Voron who has another four columns in the works for us with more to come. Whether you believe in what he writes or not, he generates more mail than anyone else’s columns.

Lets cover some material stuff:

Best movies I’ve seen so far this year: City of God, Rules of Attraction, Adaptation, Spirited Away.

Best music I’ve heard so far this year: Flaming Lips (okay I’m a little late on this one), The Blood Brothers and Wilco.

Best videogame: Still Pro Evolution Soccer 2. I just unlocked all the classic teams and playing as Always Argentina I am DESTROYING all my friends with Maradonna. I’m disappointed if I don’t get a hattrick per game with him. I’m saving up for Championship Manager 4…

I’ll leave it at that since there’s only so much you can write before people stop reading. I’ll leave by saying happy birthday to Rod and happy Easter Holidays to those who have it.


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Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, did the Westrail safety video get finished or released? Is it on YT?

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