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dude. that last post was not intended for you. in any way at all. i’ve always respected your taste in music. well. most of it. haha. i was just a little cheesed off at all the kids i see at record stores and shows going on about this band could kick that bands ass…or this singer is cuter than some other one. and people going on about alkaline fucking trio. there’s a lot of crap that goes on here in melbourne…with kids that are unfortunately uneducated in what is good punk music. this isn’t their fault. but what is, is their complete refusal to listen to anything outside of that jaded semi-mainstream stuff. I’m not saying bands like NOFX, Bad Religion etc are bad…there are just BETTER bands out there that weren’t lucky enough (or didn’t suck enough dick) to get the recognition they deserve. i’m sorry that you read my post wrong and took it personally. i was just blogging. writing what i feel and think. i actually enjoyed your reviews. and happen to be quite an avid guttermouth fan. though i agree that the new album spends too much time fucking about.

Posted by Mike @ 06:17 AM AST [Link]

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Okay, I just assumed seeing as it coincided nicely with my reviews, and how I know u have always been amused by my choice of bands, that it was directed at me, and “my type”.

Its true, check out in the forum, i left some band links to some of my local bands, check em out and download some of their stuff if u can, I think these guys are pretty cool.

Again, sorry for having a right rant at you! I didnt mean it bro!

Posted by Sam @ 08/28/2002 07:31 AM AST

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