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Pony Lounge & Dining

Pony Lounge & Dining is a tapas eatery that Jen and I stumbled across while wandering around The Rocks in Sydney.  It’s a pretty trendy looking bistro that offers up a modern Australian form of tapas which basically means its a hodge podge of food from just about everywhere.  For our seven courses we had a mixture of meats, seafood ...

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The Sydney Long Weekend

Jen and I went away to Sydney as our good friend Zara was getting married to her fiancee Nick.  We made a mini-holiday out of the occasion and got away for four nights.  We managed to cram a fair bit in. On Thursday night while Jen was at Zara’s hens night, I caught up with my friend Nick.  Nick was ...

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The Holiday in Sydney

Over the past 18 months or so, myself and Jenni have come to have quite a soft spot for Sydney.  I’ve travelled there about 10-15 times in the past year and both of us have many fond memories there.  We’ve got our favourite restaurants, favourite shops that sell stuff you can’t find in Brisbane and many old friends from Queensland ...

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Farewell dinner

I’ve just about finished my three months in Sydney and I’ll be flying back to Brisbane on Friday.  I have learnt an awful lot since being here, but I’ve pretty much finished my project-work in Customer Marketing and now its time to go home to Brisbane. I’ve made some awesome friends in the time I’ve been here.  They organised a ...

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