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2018 was the biggest year of our lives.  Our little family grew from two to three with the arrival of Penelope Jean.

Penny arrived on February 16th.  She filled our hearts.  The rest of the year was a whirlwind as we began the journey of raising our wonderful daughter.

We still managed to get up to our usual antics though.  We went to football.  Drank some whisky.  Dined out with friends.  I even learnt some new tricks like axe-throwing.

2018 was a year to remember.  Welcome to the world PJ!


Penelope Jean Inoue came into this world on February 16th 2018 at the Wesley Hospital.


The Poona Bay Fire Chickens made it to the Grand Final in our first ever season. I’ll always have fond memories of my first ever netball team.


Becoming parents meant we had to bid farewell to our beloved Itadakimasu dining club. We shared a lot of good memories and ate at some amazing restaurants.


We still watched plenty of football in 2018. Jen saw the Roar play when she was eight months pregnant. Penny saw her first game at Suncorp when she was six months old (a scoreless draw between Brisbane and Wellington).


One of the more unusual trends of 2018 was axe-throwing becoming a thing.


Penny’s first Halloween was a blast.


Penny’s first trip to the beach at Maroochydore.


We bought a new car! The Tucson is perfect for our new family.


I spent four months on parental leave. That time spent bonding with Penny was the best time of my adult life.


Our family grew a little bigger when Hagar become a permanent member of our household.


The 23rd Street Hybrid Whisky – my favourite dram of 2018.


The World Cup in Russia was a blast to watch and a great excuse to wear football shirts all month long.


Our first Christmas with Penny. I can’t wait until she’s a little older and gets super excited for them the way her Mum and Dad do.

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