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Haha, I had to laugh

I had to laugh at Matt’s last post. I love how he says “Why is england so far away from decent countries??”
Not to be completely hypocritical. But when did Brunei become “A decent country”, moveover, when did it become a decent country in comparison to the UK?

I can be fairly sure Matt pissed off quite a few people with that last post. Myself included. Call me a stupid patriotic idiot, but I like the UK, because it is my home. I am English and I am proud of it. So okay, it rains for 6 months of the year. Okay, so all our national sports teams suck ass (with the possible exception of athletics), and yeah the last half decent band we put out was Def Leppard, but sheeyit, I don’t appreciate the abuse. You wanna pay the shit out the country I come from, go for it. But you can do it when you’re not attending a British school payed for by, you guessed it, British taxpayers money, who, guess what, I am one of them.


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