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Whats cooler than being cool? Ice cold!

You know the Outkast song “hey ya” would be SO much better if i had breasts… i would shake them like a polaroid picture.

Pretty decent last couple of days… Maddy (who is the female version of me) had a party at the empire hotel and with a fabulous 4hrs notice i met up with her and others to drink the night away… as is almost always the case, we had a pretty fun time… and yes, for those of you wondering, we did play centurions AGAIN… ok, i promised my liver that i would stop this soon. At some point in the night i ended up giving Jassa a call in australia… was good to talk to him again seeing as i havent spoken to him in close to 2 years (maybe even more). Randomness is goodness.

I played it smart by going to bed at around 2am cause i was meeting Jen the next day to go the border to catch up, drink beer and eat chicken wings. Although that is another story entirely… i promised Jen the exclusive story on her site when she posts up later today… so go read it there. It was brillient catching up with Jen again, especially seeing as she is also another person that i havent spoken to in around 2yrs… man, i must suck at this whole “friendship” thing.

So when we were at the border i suddenly had a brainwave.. why not get a bottle of vodka and go to the empire! (again)… So thats what we did, after a quick pit stop at jens to eat steak. Smaller group of people that night but we had mucho fun all just telling stories and once again having WAY too many shots than is healthy… Me and Jen ended up calling Edo in Perth to see how he was doing… 2 weeks til you back chief! WOOO! We then rounded off the night with a swim in the best pool in the world at around 3am… dam fun.

My breakfast this morning consisted of REALLY cheesy nachos that me, Jen and Becky shared… i can still taste the goodness of them now.. mmmm. It has only further inhanced my dream of moving to Mexico where i will adopt 30yr old Mexican midget who wears a sombero and sings “La Cucaracha” at my slightest whim.

Jen, Becky AND Maddy are leaving the country this week… this makes me sad and lonely, it also give you guys no excuse not to come round for a milkshake-moviewatching-pyjama-party next week!

Here’s a picture of the sunset last time i was at Crocodile beach. Brunei is the best.

“just gimmie the light”


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