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Matrix Revolution was not worth the wait

So here I was thinking I was a smarty pants for knowing that they show a trailer for Matrix Revolutions at the end of Matrix Reloaded. So the movie finishes and credits rolled and we waited. And waited. And waited. Those sum-bitch credits must’ve rolled for a good ten minutes. They list all sorts of nonsense like who cooked the meals and cleaned the fucking dishes. And then the teaser for Revolutions is like TEN SECONDS LONG. Totally not worth the wait. It just shows Agent Smith in the rain doing his ‘Hello Mr Anderson’ thing and the voice over mentions the Armageddon that I covered in my review.

This girl Christine told me she was special and that we were both DESTINED for a higher purpose yesterday. I told her thanks but I already knew that. Incredibly, this whole conversation went down without a trace of irony or self consciousness.

I was invited by Mcgee to go see an art exhibition of Rembrant’s sketches. That’s not very good. I fucking hate renaissance art. It licks so much balls. She also suggested coming over and watching every season of Buffy I have on DVD. That’s much better. I don’t even have to leave the house that way. It’s really cold out these days so that counts for a lot.

Push ups, sit ups, weights. 3 glasses of Giant Mega Mass 5000 daily. Working out and eating lots of meat and eggs. Rince and repeat.

3 more weeks of school and then holiday!!

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