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Daily dose of fat

Man I am tired after getting five hours of sleep last night. Yesterday I was so busy as I went to school, then peeled apples for three hours and then went to a party and then went online for two hours. Then today I had smelly driver training for five hours, then another party tonight. I think I will lie down and sleep all day Sunday.

Plus I need a job, why cant life be like it is in Brunei where you sleep all the time. And when you go out all you do is sit around and smoke cheap cigarettes. ($3 for a pack of twenty of Marlboro)

Today I was talking to these chicks from another town (Salmon Arm for those who care), they said that they have had three friends that have died and two others that are in comas from psycho driving in the last week. Hmmm, I think I will drive carefully when I get my license in eight weeks.

Jamie, you did go to ISB didnt you, back me up on this thing.

Mmmm nice galleries are up now for visitors enjoyment…hehheh.

Heres something, I like smoking right, Edo said I shouldnt as it is bad for me. Then he is swallowing pills, what a psycho.

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