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Obama’s State of the Union and Marco Rubio’s Response

He gave a shout out to Brunei.  Surely a lynchpin in the rebuilding of the American economy. Lets hope its not VCD trading.  I think the Americans might find the market a little crowded. And the Republican response from Marco Rubio, recently anointed as the Republican Saviour by TIME Magazine: *sips* Poor Rubio seems like a lovely guy but looked ...

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House Hunting


For the better part of 18 months, Jen and I have been setting aside money towards buying our first home.  As two people that love to spend money impulsively, its been an interesting challenge for us.  I am a materialistic creature by habit and I am always distracted by something new and shiny to spend money on – whisky, football, ...

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I got my driver’s license

I may as well hand in my Bruneian expat kid credentials now because I went and got my driver’s license yesterday.  I’ve been having weekly lessons for about 3 months.  In particular, it took me a while to nail the reverse parallel park.  I finally mastered it and…they didn’t make me do it during the actual test.  Oh well. What ...

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Youtube Friday – Brunei wins the Hassanl Bolkiah Trophy 2012

For the second Friday in a row, I’m going to repost something from Matt’s Facebook page.  This week it’s Brunei winning the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy, an ASEAN youth league tournament.  They beat Indonesia in the final 2-0.  Brunei had such a vibrant support for its football side in 1999 during the height of the M-League.  They used to draw 40,000 ...

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Youtube Friday: Brunei

This website will forever be linked to Brunei even though its been an age since any of us lived there. This Youtube clip which Matt posted on Facebook offered a nice dose of nostalgia Have a good weekend everyone!

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Youtube Friday: Growing Up In Brunei

I haven’t really done much by the way of producing any new video content for The FAT Website this year.  No real reason.  Just haven’t had the time or the energy to do it.  Having said that, my brother-in-law recently brought it to my attention that a group of his friends on Facebook were reposting and discussing the ol’ Growing ...

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Autumn Test Time


Yesterday it was England vs Argentina, the second of three tests in the Autumn test series. Not sure how close everyone follows English Rugby but its in a bit of a rut at the moment and they really need to simply get better so they can compete against the other major teams. The Southern hemisphere teams are still superior and ...

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