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Real Steel


Against all the odds, Real Steel isn’t a completely terrible movie.  Well, not nearly as bad as you would imagine when considering that its a film about rock ’em sock ’em robots.  Director Shawn Levy wisely opts not to make a bunch of robots hitting each other repeatedly the centrepiece of his film (unlike, say Michael Bay’s last three films).  ...

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5 Second Review: Paul

Paul, the story of two British nerds in America who stumble upon a fugitive alien who is trying to return to his home planet is a lovingly written homage to nerd culture by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost who are both giant nerds.  As you’d expect then, the jokes, references, novetly t-shirts and cameos from sci-fi actors all hit the ...

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5 Second Review: Gasland

Ahh, Dick Cheney.  Years from now we can all tell our grandkids about how we spent our time from 2001 to 2008 getting mad about this platinum grade arsehole who seemed to make it his mission to ruin the world as much as he could during his time as the Vice President of America.  If you thought you had exhausted ...

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5 Second Review: I Love You Phillip Morris

I Love You Phillip Morris is the remarkable true story of a gay con artist Steven Russell who commits a massive amount of credit card fraud, gets sent to prison, finds love with an inmate and then sets about becoming a lawyer so that he can secure an early release for his newfound lover. The story is told as a ...

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5 Second Review: Remember Me

Of all the films I saw in 2010, Remember Me easily delivered the biggest surprise ending.  It had my jaw hitting the floor.  The film is best experienced going in with minimal awareness of its subject matter lest you spoil the twist in the tale.  The less you know the better.  For better or worse (and I’ve heard plenty of ...

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5 Second Review: Machete Maidens Unleashed

Machete Maidens Unleashed is a documentary about the boom period in the Filipino film industry during the Sixties and Seventies which, at its peak, was outputting something like 350 films a year.  Producers from the U.S were attracted to the market which was welcoming to Americans, had cheap labour and offered a ready-made exotic location. What this translated to was ...

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5 Second Review: I’m Still Here

Casey Affleck’s mockumentary I’m Still Here showcases Joaquin Phoenix’s career path not long after he was nominated for an Oscar for portraying Johnny Cash in Walk The Line.  He publically announces that he is quitting acting to pursue a career as a rapper.  Of course we now know that Phoenix was acting but not unlike a Sacha Baren Cohen film, ...

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