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…As A Fox

Work is OVER!! WOO! *pumps fist*

Yesterday i went to the empire to hang out with some friends that i havent seen in a while (one of them since new years 99/00 at edos). After that i met up with Maddy, Mel and Becky to watch Disney’s new movie “Brother Bear”… it was surprisingly funny. although i must admit it wasnt there best film by a long way seeing as the plot was pretty holely… but some dam funny bits in it aye?

Am i alone in thinking that December is going hella quickly? i mean its like only 16 days to christmas already (Token black guy: dam!) … time is quick as a fox.

I would also i would like to state that i was sober ALL weekend… yup thats right, i’m not an alcoholic (you shuddup!). Something tells me that this will change this coming week… but for now, sober as a fox.

So rumor has it that Capital FM, DJ Chris Tarrent is on his way to brunei to DJ at the Empire for New Years. Can anyone confirm this, cause the confirmation of this is still as foggy as a fox.

Miss World 2003 ended on Saturday night, best thing about it? i guessed it baby!! WOO! you see on Star TV, they had a special show last week introducing the contestants… i watched it an said “Miss Ireland or Miss Norway to win.” Man, i should be a judge… lucky Jackie Chan!!

Try this: Go to Google, type in “miserable failure” and then click on “i’m feeling lucky” … funny as a fox.

Edo and Oli get back tommorow!! WOOO!


Posted by Matt @ 04:36 PM AST [Link] [6 comments]

Replies: 6 comments

Whoa.. I tried that ‘miserable failure’ thing…. that was awesome!!!!

Posted by Caroline @ 12/09/2003 01:32 AM AST

The Empire bash was advertised in the paper the other day. I believe Chris Tarrant is only doing the NY’s countdown. The tickets are ridiculously expensive. I think Absolute Red is a much better bet. And ladies get in free before 10pm!

Posted by Annie @ 12/09/2003 01:14 AM AST

haha are you a girl? 😛 Nahhh, you’re welcome to drop by! It’ll probably just be me and the girls vegging out in front of the TV but hey haha beats spending new years at home doing nothing!

Posted by Faten @ 12/08/2003 11:11 PM AST

Faten: is that an invite? 😉

Jen: i wonder why there having a radio DJ actually DJ a party? thats pretty dam stupid if you ask me… i heard it was like $150 if you want food.

Posted by Matt @ 12/08/2003 10:17 PM AST

$30 to see chris tarrant? thats pretty cheap esp if its a NY bash… do you think he’ll constantly want to go for an ad break?

Heheheh i’d go cos he’s a dodgy old white guy with millions.

and the fact that the band at the YC is a local local band


Posted by Jen @ 12/08/2003 07:30 PM AST

Yup, Chris Tarrant is supposed to come? And tickets to the dumb party are like $30! haha. I’m settling for Absolute Red and an all-girls sleepover at the empire for New Years.

Posted by Faten @ 12/08/2003 06:14 PM AST

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