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Glendronach 18 Year Old


DISTILLERY Glendronach ALCOHOL 46% REGION Highlands COLOR Dark amber NOSE Dark chocolate, treacle PALATE Dark cocoa, cinnamon, berries. FINISH Pleasant, flavoursome, warm and mild. SCORE   91 out of 100 NOTES Have you heard of Glendronach?  Because I sure haven’t.  Well not until a friend of mine Mitchell gave me this sweet, sweet dram for my birthday earlier this year.  ...

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Talisker 57 North


DISTILLERY Talisker ALCOHOL 57% REGION Isle of Skye COLOR Amber, much lighter than a regular 10 year old Talisker NOSE Sweet fruit, nectar PALATE PHWOOOAAAARRRRR — Talisker is already pretty potent in its regular form, but the 57% percent packs a mean punch.  It’s now much more front loaded in taste.  It has a strong bite but still retains that ...

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Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix


DISTILLERY Glenfiddich TYPE Blended Malt, casks ranging from 13-30 years ALCOHOL 47.6% REGION Speyside COLOR Golden honey NOSE Like the stuff dreams are made of (serious answer:  honey and pears mostly) PALATE Spicy fruit, salt, treacle and bitter chocolate. FINISH A very strong and distinguished flavour that lets you taste and savour its palate on your tongue.  It’s potency belies its ...

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Small Cask Aged Lark


DISTILLERY Lark TYPE Single Malt ALCOHOL 43% REGION Tasmania COLOR Amber NOSE …feint whiff of freshly cut grass.  I’m sticking my whole nose in the tumbler to get it though. PALATE Very peaty.  Aside from the smoke, there’s pepper, aniseed and citrus. FINISH Rather potent aftetaste that leaves behind acidity and aniseed. SCORE 60 out of 100 NOTES I’ve been wanting to try ...

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Oban 14 Year Old


DISTILLERY Oban TYPE Single Malt ALCOHOL 43% REGION West Highland COLOR Gold NOSE Bananas!  There’s some other stuff going on there too.  There’s a slight smokey whiff about it.  But mostly bananas and that’s just awesome. PALATE Initially – a strong bitter, salty seaside bite.  Once that passes, a linger note of caramel and citrus.  Sadly, no bananas. FINISH The acidity sits ...

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Caol Ila 12 Year Old


DISTILLERY Caol Ila TYPE Single Malt ALCOHOL 43% REGION Islay COLOR Light, pale straw colour. NOSE Honey, floral, sea breeze. PALATE There’s a lot going on here.  I’ll need another one to pick it apart.  Peaty.  There’s a really hearty flavour that I can’t fully break down.  It has a silky quality to it.  Salt.  Pepper.  Oak. FINISH Lingering peatiness. SCORE 89 ...

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The Glenlivet 12 Year Old

DISTILLERY Glenlivet TYPE Single Malt ALCOHOL 40% REGION Speyside COLOR Pale gold NOSE Pleasant sweet nose that is very fruity. Hints of banana and mandarins. PALATE Light, crispy taste where the flavours matches the scents. Its quite fruity with a bit of peat and spiciness mixed in for good measure. FINISH Warm, wonderful finish. Makes you feel like going for another round. SCORE 82 ...

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