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JK Rowling had been teasing a website for the past few weeks called which apparently would be her way of showing appreciation to fans of the series.  There was speculation over whether it would be new books, an encylopaedia, an online video game and so on.  Well it turns out its some sort of weird social network / online ...

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Lego Harry Potter credits

I thought this was pretty cool.  Jen’s friend Ned is a game designer who works for Traveller’s Tales.  Knowing that Jen is a big Harry Potter fan, he added her name in the closing credits of the latest Harry Potter video game under the Special Thanks section. Needless to say, Jen was pretty stoked.

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The Week of Too Busy To Blog

I’ve had a hell of a busy week.  It’s been entirely awesome but I’ve had no time to blog until now. On Wednesday night I went to State of Origin Game 3.  It was the first Origin game I’ve attended and I went with Matt, a relative who’s visiting from Scotland.  I grew up watching Origin and always enjoyed the ...

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The Fat Website

Hey everyone. Well, here we are again.  The FAT Website is back online! For those of you who wondered what the hell happened these past few weeks, I got some explaining to do.  Unfortnately, its not a particularly interesting story.  I was in the process of moving to Sydney when the time came to pay the bills for the site.  ...

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