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Shameless self promotion

as mentioned in my previous update, erin and my record label, Milk Plus Records, are putting out a 5 track CDEP of Jassa Amir’s music. It is entitled “Gone Acoustic…Back Soon”. It comes out probably this weekend. depending how quickly the inlay printing goes. if this sounds at all like anything you’d be interested in, please check out the following sample of the first track, Seventeen.

Our other release, which is due out later next month, is a benefit compilation for the Food Not Bombs chapter here in Melbourne, Australia. The comp is entitled “Hit Me With This Bat”. it has 9 bands from various countries around the world. Each band contributed 2 songs. here are some samples:

Happy Campers – Things Could Be Worse

The Screaming Brendas – Mungbean Soup


oh. and visit the website; here

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