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The FAT Website Show – Growing Up In Brunei

This one has been a fairly long time coming.  Here is a short five minute video with Mike, Matt, Rod, Angela, Jess and myself talking about our time in Brunei.  It was shot on location in 2004. Have a good weekend! Growing Up In Brunei Mike, Matt, Angela, Rod, Edo and Jess answer 4 quick questions about their time in ...

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The FAT Website Show – The Vodcast: Part Two

Here’s the other half of the vodcast from last week. Next week, I should hopefully be able to update the site a lot more.  Jen’s off to a three-day conference down at the Gold Coast so I’ll have a lot of time on my hands. Have a good weekend! The Vodcast: Part Two The FAT Website crew discuss their favourite ...

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The FAT Website Show – The Vodcast: Part One

While Mike and Matt were in Brisbane we had a go at recording a video podcast, or a ‘vodcast’.  Unfortunately, it didn’t really work.  We had six people, two video cameras (one which ran out of memory half way through recording), five regular cameras and no organisation for what we were going to talking about.  It took a little while ...

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The FAT Website Show – An Arab Reads The Broons

An unexpected pleasure in the past six weeks was the opportunity to meet Mike’s OCD music-obsessive Egyptian friend Adham who also travelled from Dubai to visit Australia.  During Mike and Matt’s return leg to Brisbane, Adham came along and hung out with us for a few days.  He was a lovely guy.  He seemed very earnest and happy to absorb ...

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The FAT Website YouTube Channel

Hey Everyone, Just a quick update to introduce you all to The FAT Website Youtube Channel.  Previously, I had uploaded all the videos for the site under my personal account but since Youtube went widescreen and started taking down videos that had any music owned by Warner, most of the old content has been lost or has a weird screen ...

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