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This is a subcategory dedicated to comic books and graphic novels.

The Spider-man Clone Saga

In the mid nineties, Spider-man comics became my introduction to the weird and wonderful world of super heroes.  I had always been an avid comic book reader since I was a kid.  I grew up reading my brother’s copies of Garfield and Peanuts and have been a fan of the medium ever since.  My first memories of Spider-man were not ...

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The Complete Calvin & Hobbes Collection

A few weeks ago I blogged about Jen getting me a copy of The Complete Far Side.  I just mentioned in passing to her that I was hankering to read some of my old comic book collections that I had when I was a kid and bam, she orders them the next day.  She’s pretty great like that. Not longer ...

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The Complete Farside

When I was growing up I was a huge fan of newspaper comic strips.  I remember reading those massive broadsheet weekend papers where you would have a double page of comics stuffed somewhere in the middle.  Those papers were so big you could unfold it and lay it out on the floor in the lounge like a map when you ...

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