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TV Show Round Up: Survivor: Fans vs Goats

Survivor:  Caramoan The 26th season of Survivor starts in February and the cast has now been fully revealed.  They’re doing a repeat of the Fans vs Favourites set up.  Well, officially, they are.  In actuality, we seem to be getting Fans vs Goats. ‘Goats’ in Survivor are the contestants that are so terrible/unlikable/mentally-unhinged that a smart, dominant player purposefully doesn’t ...

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TV Show Round Up: Survivor: Philippines, The West Wing Season Two

Survivor: Philippines My favourite reality tv show of all time Survivor is back for its 25th season with Survivor: Philippines.  The producers had some work to do after their previous season Survivor: One World fizzled badly with a cast too heavily stacked with pawns, introverts and idiots.  The winner, a woman named Kim, comfortably outplayed her opponents and strolled to ...

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TV Show Round Up: Survivor One World Finale, Veep

Survivor: One World Finale Survivor: One World ended up being a pretty terrible season.  It’s probably one of the bottom five in the show’s history.  The final episode didn’t really improve much and in fact, the lead up to the final Tribal Council pretty much summed up just how dreadful some of the contestants were.  Christina, the self-styled ‘underdog’, simply ...

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TV Show Round Up: Survivor: One World, Veep, WWE Xtreme Rules

Survivor: One World – Episode 11 – “Never Say Die” Okay I give up.  Survivor: One World was a season with an interesting premise and a fresh cast but this episode was just too much stupidity for me to handle. It’s been a somewhat entertaining season in its early stages, particularly because of the stupidity of some of the contestants ...

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