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World Cup 2010: The Final

I came into that game as an impartial viewer but that was some seriously cynical shit from the Netherlands so I was pretty happy to see Spain crowned as the eventual winner. And that wraps up the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.  Next stop:  Brazil in 2014.

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World Cup 2010: The Netherlands vs Brazil, Ghana vs Uruguay

Also: It definitely felt like this pair of games got the World Cup back on track.  Two absolutely cracking games full of drama with heroes and villains on both sides.  There couldn’t be a greater contrast between the two red card recipients:  Suarez who is probably a national hero now for his last gasp sacrifice which kept Uruguay in the ...

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World Cup 2010: England vs Germany

vs Well here we go.  We are less than two hours away from the latest installment of one of the best World Cup rivalries.  Normally, I’d watch on as a neutral but I’ve drawn Germany in my office sweepstakes so I’m rooting for them.  Jen is inexplicably cheering for England (?).  For Pat and Cindy, this game will pretty much ...

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World Cup 2010: Brazil vs Portugal

I think I’m still recovering from how insanely boring that match last night was. I fell asleep three times.  It felt like it went for an eternity.  It’s also the second matchday in a row where there has been some free-scoring exciting encounters and I managed to pick the one game to watch that was a scoreless draw  🙁 Screw ...

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World Cup 2010: Australia vs Serbia

Well, we’re out of the tournament but we went out in style. It was pretty shaky start in the first half but the performance in the second showed the world what the Soccerroos are capable of.  The two goals were both fantastic.  It seems a shame that Ghana of all teams go through with Germany.  They’re yet to score a ...

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